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Street Dog Terror: Dog Bite Cases Rise; 1164 people were bitten in first 19 days of Aug

Street Dogs, Gwalior
Street Dogs, Gwalior

Gwalior News, Gwalior Diaries: Now a days there is quite a big number of dogs in street as a result of this cases of dog bite significantly increased. And city hospitals are also reporting the high number of dog bite patients. 

 Just in the month of August that is first 19 days of August month, around 1200 patients arrived at Jayarogya Hospital and District Hospital, Murar, who of course have been given anti-rabies injections, but number 1200 isn’t a small one is it? No its quite big. Big enough to make government body sweat ?. As a parent, are you comfortable with the idea of letting your children out , knowing well that he/she might get bitten by any street dog any minute. No, you aren’t! Honestly no parents will. Now the whole responsibility fell into government laps, after all its their sworn duty to make sure streets are safe for it’s people. 

 Anyway back to the real numbers, More than one hundred patients of dog bites are reaching government hospitals every day as seen in last few weeks.

 Just on Thursday, the 19th, 41 patients came to Jayarogya Hospital’s OPD and 37 patients to District Hospital Murar. Not to mention the figures that went to private clinics. But if we add them all together it will easily surpass the 100 mark.

Herds of dogs are seen in the streets and alleyways of the Gwalior city. If someone goes on foot or bike-scooty at night, then the dogs run to bite, making night time more risky for general people. In such a situation, many times people get injured even when they are uncontrolled while trying to escape from the dog. 


Sad part is, there has never been any effort on the part of the Municipal Corporation to solve this major problem. This is the main reason why dog ​​victims have increased in hospitals. Now the dog bite patients are reaching not only Jairogya Chikitsalaya, District Hospital Murar but also Civil Hospital Hazira, Birla Nagar maternity home, Thatipur dispensary.


 Local bodies Sent a demand for 500 anti rabies injections, did nothing about street dogs.

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 Seeing the increasing number of patients, the CMHO and the superintendent of Jayarogya Hospital have got anti-rabies injections in sufficient quantity in stock.

  Dr. Devendra Singh Kushwaha, superintendent in-charge of Jayarogya Chikitsalaya told that at present there are more than 400 anti-rabies injections in the hospital, and Demand for another 500 injections has been sent, just to be sure we are well equip to deal with the upcoming strom as it is predicted that dog bite cases will going to increase more in future as compared to present day scenario.  

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